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custom department


  FLAG MATERIALS (max print width - no seams)

  BANNER MATERIALS (max print width - no seams)


Artwork Requirements for Custom Flags

Additional Charges for Custom Flags 
(includes applique or digital flags)
Setup Charges: $50.00 per artwork
Setup charges include in-house processing, one proof and one revision proof.
**Note: Does not include art labor.
Additional proofs will incur a $20.00 charge.
Setup will not apply on reorders within one year.
Prices subject to change without notice. All prices shown are suggested retail.

Copy Changes: $10.00 per change
Examples: dates, names, numbers, etc.

Art Charges: $45.00 per hour
Ifartwork is not in the required format and/or you only have an existingproduct, please send product and assume art charges will apply. Ifartwork must be recreated/redrawn an art charge will incur.
**Print orders are subject to 10% ± over/under runs.

Click here for pdf version of Artwork Requirements.

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